Who I am?

My name is Thays Hillesheim, I'm 32 years old, married and mom of two beautiful kids. I was born in Florianopolis, SC – Brazil and I have been living in USA since 2016.

I have dual citizenship, Brazilian and American and I graduated in Advertising and Propagating from Universidade Estácio de Sa SC, I am also a Specialist in Communication and Strategic Marketing from Senac Porto Alegre and Licensed Esthetician graduated from the School Of Glamology in Atlanta, USA. I am a Specialist in Permanent Make-up and Laser Removal.


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What I do?

Over time, I realized how busy our day-to-day life is and felt the need to develop a space where clients could maximize their time, having several types of aesthetic procedures available in just one place.

My goal is give you more than a satisfactory result, is deliver a great experience in the procedures performed by me.

When do I start?

I’ve been working in aesthetics area in 2020 and since then, I've been specializing more and more to provide to my customers a high-quality services.

Where are I currently?

My Beauty Salon is localized in Marietta, Georgia. My space offer parking and coffee bar.

How do I develop our tasks?

Through technology and a lot of study, all my work is carried out very safely, respecting all the protocols of the US Department of Health.

Why do I carry out our activity?

For me, aesthetics is more than a job, a satisfaction. I've always enjoyed taking care of people, and I discovered that been an aesthetician, I can do more than that, I can help people improve their self-esteem.

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